MelodyWed® is dedicated to supporting environmental, educational, and social justice causes by contributing 5% of our business profits to a selected non-profit organization every quarter of operation. For April-June 2015, we have chosen to partner with CREATE Academy through Bayshore Christian Ministries.

create academy

“This 4-week, full-day summer camp is available to youth in 6th-8th grades. Youth who participate will be exposed to mathematics, technology and art instruction in order to strengthen their critical thinking and mathematics skills, as well as grow their confidence in preparation for future opportunities in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) programs and careers. Mornings will be filled with fun math learning, while afternoons will present opportunities for youth to attend creative workshops, where they may learn how to design a video game, create an app, or build and program a Lego-robot.”

Founder of MelodyWed and formally-trained math teacher, Jessica Lindsay, plans to volunteer to teach a ratios-in-music unit; while her husband and partner in MelodyWed may volunteer to share his mad coding and engineering skills! We’re excited about the knowledge and opportunities being fostered in East Palo Alto this summer through Bayshore Christian Ministries!

For the second quarter of 2015, MelodyWed® and YOU are a supporter of:


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