Photo by Stefanie Kapra
Photo by Stefanie Kapra

“Hank and I LOVE the song! You did a GREAT job!!! The lyrics fit us just PERFECTLY. I can’t even tell you how much I love it! :))))))
I can’t even imagine the song turning out any better than what it did!”

Corbin and Hank | May 2016

Jessica took the time to get to know Jewelz and I and came up with something that we will have for the rest of our lives. We can’t thank Jessica enough for all of her hard work to come up with “Tell me to turn around.” Our story was pretty damn cool to begin with, now we have a song to go with it! I am pretty sure Jewelz already has it memorized.

Jewelz and Andrew | October 2015
Photo by Plum Jam Photography
Photo by Plum Jam Photography


I got to listen to my song this week, and it has been playing on repeat ever since! And I well up with tears EVERY time! It is brilliant and beautiful and I am in awe of Ryan’s love and talent, and your talent, as well! Thank you SO much for helping this happen. I will cherish this song and it’s incredible sentiment all of my days.

Shannon and Ryan | September 2015

MelodyWed was incredible! They wrote my wife and I a song for our first dance that captured our entire story. The lyrics were perfect and the music was amazing. This is a very professional sounding song and means a lot to us. We get to share it forever.
The process was very easy and I was blown away by the final product.

Laurie and Lance | September 2015
Photo by Sarah Kathleen
Photo by Sarah Kathleen


MelodyWed is a wonderful song writing service! We absolutely love our one of a kind song! It truly captures our love story! The entire experience from start to finish was extremely smooth and easy. Jessica is extremely sweet and very easy to work with. I would recommend this service to anyone! 2 thumbs up!

Susan and Chris | December 2014

Jessica was absolutely wonderful to work with. She really took the time and effort to understand our story and what we hoped to be conveyed through our song. She was always very timely with her correspondence and answering all our questions. She kept us involved all thru the process, asking our feedback with lyrics and direction of the song.

Heather and Mac | June 2014

Photo by George Street Photo

Jessica was wonderful to work with. She made the process fun and engaging. Even though we never met her in person, it seems like we did. She took all our suggestions into consideration and came out with a song that was perfect for our day! If you are at all interested I would talk to her, you definitely won’t regret it.

Melanie and Steven | June 2014

I cannot really capture with words how special it was to dance to an amazing song that is actually about my wife and me and be able to have it forever. My first dance was one of the highlights of our wedding thanks to MelodyWed.

Jessie and David | January 2014
Photo by Darling Ransom Photography
Photo by Darling Ransom Photography

Photo by Sumner Lambert
Photo by Sumner Lambert

Having Jessica write “Marry You” as our first dance song was such a relief from trying to find a song that fit our story and wasn’t a cheesy, overdone wedding tune. It was clear from our experience that Jessica cared deeply about producing a song that spoke to us and relayed a message that we wanted to remember as part of our wedding.

Becca and Robbie | November 2011