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Melissa and Sean blew me away with their kind, authentic, generous hearts. Their love story is pretty cute.. met in theatre in college and first date was at a California Pizza Kitchen where the conversation was slow and they colored in awkward silence for parts of it! Sean wanted to surprise her with a movie after dinner, but not knowing he already had the tickets, Melissa said no thanks when he offered to go see a flick after pizza! This first verse reflects that awkward but magical evening with references to coloring and [movie] stars. 😉

“It was the first date
Color me surprised
It was a shy pace
But I was still all smiles
It doesn’t matter
If the stars are out tonight
I will love you”


Sean proposed on a beach in Malibu and read Melissa a poem he wrote while away traveling in Austria. “While His grace and mercy unfold, I look to the horizon and can hardly bear it. My only regret is she is not here to hold; for it is with she that I would like to share it.” This poem translated to the main theme of their custom love song which is that for all the beauty of life, Melissa and Sean want to share it together.

“From every mountain top
To every sea below…
Life is beautiful
And I wanna share it with you”

M & S told me that they love clean, acoustic folk arrangements, so this turned into a simple piano ballad with layered vocals.

Photo by Jennifer Davidson Creative
Photo by Jennifer Davidson Creative

The bridge of “With You” is entirely adapted from a passage from the Bible, Colossians 1:11-12. Melissa and Sean reflected on some of the times in their marriage, especially during the pregnancy and birth of their first child, Roman, when they did not feel they had the strength to carry through and God sustained them.

“May you be strengthened by his power
According to his might
May you dance out of the shadows
Into his glorious light”

Photo by 13 One Photography
Photo by 13 One Photography

Melissa and Sean: I am so honoured to have had the privilege to write a song based on your story. May it continue to bless you in your marriage, and may you continue to draw strength from God and each other, celebrating the beauty of this life together.

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