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Love Story

Tina and Roy are literally childhood sweethearts. With a friendship that started in middle school, going on mall and movie dates in high school, and then getting serious in college, this relationship has been blossoming for a long while. 

Tina and Roy young

“One hundred percent

We love and we live

None of this fifty fifty hit or miss”

The thing that stood out the most for me when talking to these two was their commitment to giving their all in marriage. They are selflessly generous with one another, and that’s the foundation upon which their relationship thrives.

Photo by Peterson Design & Photography
Photo by Peterson Design & Photography

“It’s not give and take
It’s give and give
And babe I’m all in
One hundred percent “

Tina and Roy told us that they LOVE 90s R&B, and one of the special tracks they shared with us was an a Capella number; we were inspired and undertook One Hundred Percent: our very first a Capella Melody. All tracks were done by mouth including percussion and bass guitar, then mixed to sound like instruments! 

Photo by La Rousse Photography
Photo by La Rousse Photography

“She started crying and I did too
Miracle child born of my love for you
I was undone, with her in my arms
And now baby you have my heart”

One Hundred Percent was a surprise for Tina and Roy that they played at their vow renewal celebration. In the above first dance image, I think Roy was just hearing the final verse is about the birth of his first daughter, Evangeline when “Baby you have my heart” took on a whole deeper meaning..

Tina Roy Evie

It was such an honour to get to know your love story, Tina and Roy, and then to celebrate with y’all at The Big Fake Wedding in Los Angeles. May you continue to live a life not of fifty-fifty give and take, but one hundred percent all in!

What does YOUR love sound like?