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Love Story

Allia and Justin are the epitome of a San Francisco couple: they live and love to the beat of their own drum. They exude a kind of casual elegance, where I picture them sitting on a picnic blanket at sunset in some artsy park sipping red wine and musing about a punk show they just saw at the Fillmore. The second verse of their song surrounds this theme of art in their life.

“He is the perfect canvas for love divine
He has me painting pictures outside the lines
With a brush of his hand
And that spark in his eye
He’s made a masterpiece
From this heart of mine”


Romantic in their own way, this couple requested NO CHEESE in their custom love song. Which we were more than happy to oblige. One of the sweet phrases they mentioned was “forever my face on your face” which makes its debut at the end of the chorus.

“Forever my face on your face
I never want to leave this place”

For genre, A and J cited “Polaroid” by Imagine Dragons and one of my personal favorite songs, “She Moves in Her Own Way” by The Kooks as inspirational tunes, so we took Best Part of We to a brit-rock/pop party. What started as a piano power ballad got grunged up with electric guitars and garage drums. And it turned out super unique, just like Allia and Justin!

Photo by Citizen Snap Photography
Photo by Citizen Snap Photography

The following clip from Allia’s questionnaire responses helped me formulate the bridge: “Jack Kerouac wrote a letter to friend Allen Ginsberg that starts with.. “Tonight while walking on the waterfront in the angelic streets I suddenly wanted to tell you how wonderful I think you are. Please don’t dislike me. What is the mystery of the world? Nobody knows they’re angels.” Marriage is another way for us to show us that we are each others angel.”

“Here’s the mystery of the world
We’re just passing through
Nobody knows they’re angels
But you’re mine
And I’m the one for you”

Photo by Citizen Snap Photography
Photo by Citizen Snap Photography

Allia and Justin: here is to the rest of your lives with your faces pressed together. May you live prosperously with many more glasses of wine, experiences of art and culture, and each other happily by your side.

What does YOUR love sound like?