Song Preview

Love Story

Kirsten and Jake met at a Seattle Halloween party both dressed as artists. With Jake in his Bob Ross wig and Kirsten with paintbrushes in her hair, they made quite the colorful pair. And the similarities didn’t end there. Both K and J were heavily involved with the same christian club while in university, and connected over their mutual desire to serve student ministries in Seattle.

coffee kirsten jake

They had an epic 12-hour first date that included coffee, a walk, lunch, a concert, and dinner with friends; apparently, they really enjoyed each other’s company!! In their Melody, we noted their similar hearts with the following phrase:

“I never thought it’d be so fine
To discover a heart that beats like mine”

Kirsten Jake bicycle

They both have such hearts for adventure. Always seeking the next activity whether it be tandem-biking, backpacking in the wilderness, or traveling to Colombia for their honeymoon, Kirsten and Jake are the epitome of FUN.

“Baby let’s run
Off to the next adventure
We’ve got so much life to love”

We did a simple acoustic demo recording of the song and our couple has graciously given permission for you to enjoy it as well. Please download your acoustic copy of “Let’s Run” by clicking the download icon on the SoundCloud player above! May Kirsten and Jake’s marriage be blessed and joyful as they move forward together on this adventure we call life.

arm kirsten jake

Photos by Kristin Hallak

What does YOUR love sound like?