Jessie and David got married at a beautiful venue in the mountains in Portola Valley, CA. The ceremony was shrouded in a mist that lent a sweet romance to the service. Jessie looked stunning and David looked thankful; guests wiped their eyes from the *ahem* mist, as the couple presented their meaningful handwritten vows to one another.

The party that followed included an Irish rock band and plenty of dancing! Then, it was time for the first dance. Watch the following video clip of Jessie and David’s first dance to Yours I Remain.

Curious about Jessie and David’s love story and the lyrics to their song? Read more HERE.

Below is a picture of my face as we watched Jessie and David sway to the song I wrote and recorded for them. I felt a sweet blend of gratitude, wonder, and joy at the opportunity to create something as intimate as a first dance song for a couple’s wedding.

Jessica's face watching Jessie and David first dance

Later in the evening, Alexander and I had the privilege of taking a picture with the beautiful bride.

Jessica and Alexander with the beautiful bride, Jessie

It was such an honour to be invited to the wedding and to celebrate Jessie and David’s love and marriage! We wish them all the joy and blessing in the world as they begin this adventure of life together as one.

— Jessica Lindsay

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