We’ve compiled TWELVE reasons for you and your sweetheart to commission a custom love song from MelodyWed this holiday season.

1. Relationships are like snowflakes, no two are ever the same; your song should be as unique as you are.
2. It’s never been easier to make your love story into music with MelodyWed. The process is smooth and fun!
3. What if you like Appalachian folk and your partner prefers Top 40? Perhaps we will yodel at the end of a Bruno Mars-inspired trumpet solo. MelodyWed blends your styles together to craft a song that pushes both of your genre happy buttons.
4. Brain science shows that emotional memories can be relived through the power of song association.. what better memory to capture than the celebration of love at your wedding!
5. Ditch the cheese.. “Having Jessica write our first dance song was such a relief from trying to find a song that fit our story and wasn’t a cheesy, overdone wedding tune.”//Becca and Robby | married 2012
6. You have spent a lot of time personalizing all the visual elements of your wedding: the dress, the venue, colors, flowers.. Now you can customize the audio soundscape too.
7. You’re the only couple in the world to call this “your song” and be telling the truth.
8. It makes a great gift: a custom love song is a wonderfully thoughtful way to show someone you care!
9. Alone time is rare on your wedding day: make those 3.5 minutes count!
10. Your Melody becomes a super memorable keepsake! Dance in your living room on each anniversary, share your special song with your children, and relive your young love when you’re eighty.
11. The guest “wow” factor: Don’t get me wrong, John Legend is.. well.. a legend. But imagine the shock on your friends’ and families’ faces when they hear something other than “All of Me” playing during your first dance. 😉
12. Strengthen your marriage through the power of song. Let the truth of your love encourage you and bind you together every time you hear your Melody!

Thought of another reason for custom songwriting? Share with us in the comments below!

What does YOUR love sound like?