MelodyWed™ is dedicated to supporting environmental, educational, and social justice causes by contributing 5% of our business profits to a selected non-profit organization every quarter of operation. For April-June 2014, we have chosen Bayshore Christian Ministries.


“We serve “East-of-Bayshore” youth. These are the children and teens who live in East Palo Alto and East Menlo Park, California. Nestled between Facebook and Google in the heart of the Silicon Valley, the East-of-Bayshore area has historically been marginalized from the rest of wealthy Silicon Valley. As a result, our youth and families struggle with poverty, under-performing schools, broken homes and gang violence.”


“We provide holistic programs which invite youth into relationships with Jesus Christ, the source of all hope. And, regardless of race, religion, ability, or ethnic origin, we strive to help them grow into healthy adults who will positively influence their families and community. We accomplish this mission relationally as we build relationships with youth and their families, supporting them with spiritual teaching, academic assistance, and leadership development training. We strive to be Christ-centered, relational, holistic, relevant, multi-cultural, service-oriented, and creative in the work God does through us.”

For the second quarter of 2014, MelodyWed™ and YOU are a supporter of:


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