Mini Melody

What is a Mini Melody?

Mini Melody $150

A Mini Melody is a sample of the custom songwriting process.* First, you’ll fill out our beautiful (and brief) Mini Melody Quiz, answering questions like “What is the sweetest thing your darling has said to you?” Then, we’ll review your responses and begin developing a snippet of a love song based on your story. The Mini Melody costs one hundred fifty dollars ($150)** — and you’ll receive your custom clip and accompanying lyrics within a few days! A mini custom love song makes for a wonderfully thoughtful birthday, wedding, or anniversary gift.

*This is not a full Melody; it is a :30-:45 second chorus designed to give you an idea of what your love might sound like! See examples below.
**If you choose to move forward with a full Melody, the Mini Melody purchase will be credited toward your Melody package.


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