Song Preview

Love Story

Andrew delightfully surprised his fiancé Jewelz with a custom love song from MelodyWed. Jewelz knew that we were creating a song based on their love story, but waited to hear it for the first time on their wedding day!

Photo: Plum Jam Photography
Photo: Plum Jam Photography

“As I’m driving toward my house
It feels like I’m leaving home
I thought, ‘This girl could be mine,’
So I said what came to mind”

Jewelz and Andrew’s love story began with the words “tell me to turn around” blipping on Jewelz’ phone screen after Andrew left Arizona to go back to California. They just met that weekend and had hit it off so well that Andrew decided to take a risk. Jewelz indeed told him to turn around and the rest, as they say, is history!


“Must have been something about this climb that’s got me out of breath
Now we’re surrounded by majesty
I feel him stir behind me, getting on one knee”

Several months later, Andrew proposed to Jewelz at the top of Half Dome in Yosemite National Park. This time it was her turn to turn around. She said YES!

Photo: Plum Jam Photography
Photo: Plum Jam Photography

“Here comes the moment she arrives
Glowing head to toe, an angel in white
This girl’s gonna be mine”

Jewelz and Andrew were married October 10, 2015 and shared their first dance as husband and wife to “Turn Around.” For friends and family, they attached a MelodyWed Guest Download Card on each succulent party favor so their guests might enjoy a free download of their special Melody. Friends, as you move into marriage, may you continue to daily choose the life of risking for your love. Congratulations on your union!!

What does YOUR love sound like?