Song Preview

Jessie and David met in 7th grade, nearly immediately falling for each other, and dated from 8th-10th grade. Though personal circumstances separated them for a time, their hearts remained warm toward one another.

“We had to grow alone before we could grow together.” — David

A full decade later, they reunited, but began dating a month before David was to be deployed with the Coast Guard for a year and Jessie was to be traveling abroad in France.

Jessie and David Nautical

Though they were halfway across the world, they stayed connected and in love until they both returned to the States, Summer 2013.

Jessie and David

“We always both loved each other and had always said back in 8th grade that one day we would marry each other.” — Jessie

David proposed on Jessie’s birthday in August 2013 privately at her favorite secluded lookout in Tahoe, California, and she said yes! They will be married January 11, 2014 in California.

Jessie and David

Jessie and David have a pure and genuine love for one another that shines. They both love to travel and have a thirst for adventure. One day, their dream is to sail around the world with each other and maybe with their future children! Please enjoy the preview of their Melody.

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