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Love Story

Melanie and Steven were the recipients of a MelodyWed giveaway in March. I was delighted to find out that they were both into country music and especially male-female duets! I love the country songwriting style — rich in metaphor and story-telling. Then they gave me the kickin-est country hook. As soon as I saw the following phrase on their questionnaire, the songwriter in me knew I had struck pure gold.

You never know what it’s like to be whole until you find your other half.

GOLDEN. The song idea for Other Half developed very quickly and the motifs of “half” and “whole” permeated the lyrics. As one who studied mathematics, and especially teaching mathematics, my brain immediately jumped to lyrics like “two souls in one, twice as alive” and “my heart doubled in size” to extend the “other half” metaphor.

The magic continued when I discovered *MY NEIGHBOR* has an incredible male tenor singing voice! I asked him to sing on this track and I think it takes it to a whole new level. (I’ll tell you the story soon — subscribe to the MelodyWed blog feed to make sure you don’t miss it!)


In our video chat, Melanie and Steven told me about their first meeting at 7am when Steven unexpectedly found Melanie in her robe at her front door which is what the first verse is about. Then the second verse talks about their first date walking along the Santa Cruz boardwalk and feeling like their whole lives were changing as they held hands. The third verse is about their love for climbing mountains together and how standing at a peak and looking out together is the most natural thing in the world.

Melanie Steven kiss close

Melanie and Steven were married at the end of June 2014! A friend of mine who attended the wedding documented the moment for me; it was so special to watch them mouth the words as they danced to Other Half for their first dance as a married couple. Check out more about their MelodyWed story using the hashtag #MW_MelanieSteven on Instagram.

What does YOUR love sound like?

Written by Jessica Lindsay, MelodyWed
Featuring Ryan Booher, vocalist
Produced by My Song Alive
Artwork by Noah Meyers
Photo 1, 2 by Jeannette Senn, Photo 3 by Nate Principato