Song Preview

The Story

Becca and Robby were the first couple for whom I wrote a first dance wedding song. I remember the meetup in 2011 like it was yesterday — we sat outside of the university campus market at a table in the sunshine and I, with a notebook, gathered answers to my freshly written “questionnaire” from my engaged friends. I asked them about their story and what makes them unique as a couple. I then collaborated with my sixteen-year-old brother Zachary, to write and record “Marry You,” an acoustic, singer-songwriter ballad duet.

The News

zach and me

Now ending his second year at Seattle Pacific University studying music composition, my brother and musical soulmate, Zachary, is coming to visit me in California this summer! He will be staying with me and my husband for 6 weeks, during which time we plan to crank out the creativity. Our master plan is to collaborate on songwriting, geek out on music theory, play a local show, teach some adult/teen music courses, and explore California. Follow @melodywed on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to be kept up to date on our musical adventures!