Song Preview

Love Story

This is both an anniversary AND a wedding song because of the sweet event that is The Big Fake Wedding. Patricia and Frank have been married for two years, but they renewed their vows at a big fake wedding ceremony in San Francisco at the Fort Mason Center on June 30 amidst 200 guests who are planning their own weddings!


Patricia and Frank had known each other since childhood, but when they re-met in adulthood they were surprised to find a spark that wasn’t there before. Frank had always known Patricia was gorgeous, but was impressed with how smart she is, and Patricia and always known Frank was smart, but was impressed with how good-looking he had become!

“Tu me manques: you are missing from me.”

They fell in love over continents as Patricia’s projects brought her around the world. Through that long-distance time, they adopted the phrase “Tu me manques” which, colloquially in French means “I miss you,” but literally translated means, “You are missing from me.” This nugget, of course, made it into their Melody.


The MelodyWed process and questionnaire also revealed a sweet love poem written by our groom which was adapted to become the first verse of their custom love song: “She is the light when I wake.. I remember why I am happy.. She is joy.” The phrase “I’ll eat you up, I love you so” comes from popular children’s book “Where the Wild Things Are.” Apparently these are words uttered between Patricia and Frank as part of romantic daily couple life!

“I’ll eat you up, I love you so.”

Patricia and Frank wanted an acoustic ballad: something simple with just guitar and vocal harmony on top. So my brother Zachary Meyers, an incredible songwriter in his own right, agreed to record the guitar part and his rugged male harmonies. It was such an honour for both of us to be able to watch Patricia and Frank dance to their Melody during the Big Fake Wedding event!

P & F first dance

What does YOUR love sound like?