Song Preview

Love Story

Heather and Mac came to me with a beautiful story of restoration in their relationship. They recounted years in their marriage where they felt distant from one another. How though it seemed like they were “living the dream,” they were far apart emotionally and each dealing with personal issues. It all came to a head three years ago, and they went through an intense period of counseling and repairing brokenness individually and within their relationship. They told me it was as if everything had to die before new growth could emerge. They came out of that dark time forming healthy new habits of service, trust, and love. One year later, they found out they were pregnant with a third child. They were so excited.

We knew it was God continuing to heal and restore and make us new. This baby was a GIFT — a symbol of what God has done in our marriage.

To commemorate their journey and give glory to God, they chose the name Elias Asher. Elias means “My God is Yahweh” and Asher means “happy, or blessed.”

No matter what we will encounter, this is truth. My God is Yahweh, and I am blessed.

Elias was born April 26, 2014 healthy and beautiful. Below is a picture of the whole family five weeks later.

heather mac and family

Special Gift

In the weeks that I was working on their Melody, I stumbled across the work of an artist friend of mine. She had painted a seed underground germinating and full grown grasses above the soil. The painting immediately hearkened to Heather and Mac’s song about beauty coming out of darkness. A seed must fall to the ground and die before it can become a tree that produces fruit. The painting held such meaning for Heather and Mac’s story that I decided to give it to them as a present along with their song.

painting gift

It has been such an honour to spend time with Heather and Mac and to become friends with their dear family!

What does YOUR love sound like?

Produced by My Song Alive
Mastering by Ursa Major Sound
Painting by Casia Joy Art