Having a custom song written for your first dance is like falling for the ONE — it’s the obvious choice. You are personalizing *everything* else about your wedding: flowers, dress, vows, cake, colors, venue, etc. to uniquely fit you. A song about your love story for your first dance just makes sense.

How does it work? First, you and your fiancé fill out the Melody Questionnaire with questions like “What are you most looking forward to about marriage?” and “What is the sweetest thing your darling has ever said to you?” After that, meet with your MelodyWriter over video chat so he or she can interact with you and your sweetheart personally. Finally, your MelodyWriter begins crafting a love song based on the uniqueness of YOU.

Custom songwriting is an extraordinarily boutique process. Like the suavest of suits, your Melody is tailor-made to fit your love story perfectly. Your songwriter does not just throw your name tags and respective eye-colors into the melody of “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.” No, it’s more like poetry. We weave your lives, your romance, your essence into a cohesive, original work of art: your quirky terms of endearment, phrases you’ve uttered, meaningful metaphors, and a sound that represents both of you. Forget monograms, a custom song engraves the letters of your soul in an enduring Melody.

Music is often stronger than words alone. Songs have the power to transport us back to the sights, sounds, smells, tastes of indelible moments. What better moment to freeze in time than the one where you breathe near your delighted one for the first time as husband and wife? Imagine being able to relive that memory together, forever. It is the ultimate, lasting personalized touch.


And that is the best part about a custom love song: it lasts. The flowers fade, champagne leaves its sweet, dry mark on your tongue, and the din of guests’ laughter dissolves into the night. But your Melody remains. Dance to your song on every anniversary in the quiet hum of your living room, listen after a fight to bring you back together, sing it to your babies to remind them that Mommy and Daddy love each other very much. Use it for celebration, for endurance, for remembrance.

What does YOUR love sound like?