2014 was MelodyWed’s first year of business and there is much to reflect upon. From the initial stages of brand development, to being featured on blogs around the web, to several hundred social media followers and TEN successful Melody projects (playlist below!), the first year was a blast and no doubt we are just getting started.


It has not been all sunshine and songwriting. I struggled with a vocal injury for this entire year: oftentimes vocal tracks were recorded over several days because my voice would only cooperate for a short amount of time. It has been a deep personal struggle to be in pain and unable to sing freely. Through vocal therapy, chiropractics, and changed diet/habits, I am starting to experience some healing and regaining of strength, but it is still a process. My hope is that 2015 will be the year of full vocal restoration!

Looking forward to 2015:
— MORE Videos: music videos, collaborations, songwriter interviews, how-to videos and more are all in the works!
— Many more wonderful clients and stories
— Collaborations with other songwriters and vocalists
— Full vocal recovery

THANK YOU so much to those who have supported and encouraged me on the MelodyWed journey: Alexander Sideropoulos, the Meyers family, the Sideropoulos family, and my dear friends (you know who you are).

What does YOUR love sound like?